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Creative Montessori Center

Excellence in Education Since 1972

Creative Montessori Center

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We welcome you and your child to our school and invite you to join us to help attain our mission. Our mission at CMC is:

We at Creative Montessori Center commit to cultivate a child’s own desire to learn, motivated from within, by a natural curiosity and quest for knowledge. We approach this goal by allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning by their own choice and by helping them to perfect all their natural tools for learning. The habits and skills a child develops will last a lifetime. It is our desire to develop these habits and skills in order for children to build a respectful community.

For your child to benefit from their time at CMC, we suggest parents become familiar with the Montessori philosophy. We provide to you information about the values and methodology Maria Montessori believed to best educate our youth.

Why Choose CMC? - History

Creative Montessori Center was founded in 1972. CMC was intended to be a premier school at a reasonable price. We have gone through many changes over the years: staff members have come and gone, locations have changed, "Specials Classes" have varied, even grade offerings have fluctuated. Through it all, CMC has stood by their promise of providing an exceptional education.

Since 2005, CMC has been at its current location in Trenton, MI. We offer a comfortable, welcoming environment in a neighborhood that is convenient to many communities. Our classrooms are unique, vibrant, and dynamic. Each directress has designed her classroom to meet the needs of her students. Our staff is well-trained (all of our teachers are Montessori certified), and is made up of extraordinary ladies with a passion for children and education.

One thing that sets CMC apart from other schools is the extra-curricular classes that are offered. Each day, a different "Special Class" takes place, including Spanish for all students. Our pre-primary students enjoy Art, Sign Language, Music, Discovery (Humanities, Geography, & Cultures), and Phys. Ed. Our Kindergarten students also receive instruction on computers, Music Theory, and "Montessori Manners". Our elementary students learn Art, Music, Instruments and Music Theory, Discovery, Computers, Keyboarding, Phys. Ed, Current Events, and "Montessori Manners". Our 4th-6th graders also receive instruction in the French language.

The Montessori philosophy stresses the importance of community and peace. The staff at CMC is committed to helping the students to become a positive force in their environment. The children learn how to help maintain this environment: from the classroom, to the surrounding school grounds, and even to the world beyond our walls. The students of CMC are very involved in their community. Please take a look at our Community Page, to see just a sample of the many ways our students have reached out.


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